Many of my photographs are from in and around my little town some are just out my back door. I try to not always look beyond my surroundings to the more exotic or unusual locations because I believe there is beauty all around us. I am fortunate to be able to take trips with my students to those more exotic and unusual spots in the world so there are photos from those spots as well. All photos may be purchased and will come matted and framed: $50 for a 5 x 7 and $75 for an 8 x 10 copy, anything larger the price will have to be negotiated. More photos can be found at and the site email address is  Enjoy!

1000 Acre Swamp Mist web
1000 Acre Swamp in the Mist
1000 Acres Swamp web
1000 Acre Swamp in Spring
Angel Cloud web
Angel Cloud over GHS
Beaver Dam Phillipston Autumn 2 web
Beaver Dam in Autumn
Beaver Dam Phillipston Autumn 3 web
Beaver Dam in Autumn 2
Beaver Dam Phillipston Autumn web
Beaver Dam in Autumn 3
Beaver Dam Phillipston Grey 2 web
Beaver Dam Grey
Beaver Dam Phillipston Grey web
Beaver Dam Grey 2
Beaver Dam Phillipston Spring 2 web
Beaver Dam Summer
Beaver Dam Phillipston Spring 3 web
Beaver Dam Early Spring
Beaver Dam Phillipston Spring web
Beaver Dam Summer 2


Beaver Dam Phillipston Winter Ice Sky web
Beaver Dam Winter Ice
Beaver Dam Winter Light web
Beaver Dam Morning Light Ice
Graveyard Maple Autumn Light web
Graveyard Maple Autumn
Graveyard Maple Spring Storm Clouds web
Graveyard Maple Spring
Graveyard Maple Summer Storm Clouds web
Graveyard Maple Summer
Graveyard Moon 2 web
Graveyard Tree Moon
Graveyard Moon web
Graveyard Tree Moon 2
Graveyard Tree Blue Winter web
Graveyard Tree in Blue
Graveyard Tree Early Winter web
Graveyard Tree Early Winter
Graveyard Tree Moon web
Moon Tree
Graveyard Tree Winter Sun web
Graveyard Tree Sunrise
Graveyard Tree Winter Sunset web
Graveyard Tree Winter Sunset Light
Graveyard Tree Winter web
Graveyard Tree Winter
Grey Gull Cottages Storm Clouds web
Grey Gull Cottages Storm Clouds, York, ME
Petersham River Snow web
Winter River Rocks, Petersham, MA 
Red Maple web
Red Maple, Templeton, MA
Stone Bridge Cloud Reflection web
Stone Bridge River, Templeton, MA
Stone Bridge Winter Ice web
Stone Bridge River Ice
Stowe Easy Mile Afternoon web
Easy Mile Late Afternoon Sun, Stowe, VT

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