IMG_2905.JPGvia Photo Challenge: Reflecting

Often when I’m running, I reflect on my life and my world. This church usually factors into my runs from home as it is the cornerstone of our little town. It is not the church I attend but it is a church I support as it is the reason for my town. Without this building and the people who worship here my little town would be nothing as we don’t even have our own zip code. So when I came upon this scene I was drawn in by the light of the setting sun on the steeple and I didn’t even notice the puddle reflection. It wasn’t until I had finished my trek, and yes I call my runs a trek not because I cover many miles but because they are slow and arduous for me just like a trek would be for most. It was only after when scrolling through my phone to see the pictures I had taken that I noticed the puddle reflection. It is far more beautiful to me and without it this scene would not be nearly as beautiful. So I now look for those reflections when I run or drive around and I try to remember to focus and to reflect on my own life and to not miss the little beauties that are around us every day.


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