Daily Prompt: Retreat

IMG_2580.jpgvia Daily Prompt: Retreat

For the military retreat is a signal to withdraw from a fight, to pull back in order to regroup or in some cases to give up. A retreat can also be a quiet place for rest and relaxation or even a spiritual place used for prayer and meditation. Retreat is one of those words for me which is both a positive and a negative it all depends on your point of view. When in my dark days of depression, retreat felt right; withdraw, pull back and give up. It turned out to be the worst decision because I didn’t let anybody in to help me through my depression. It was only after I changed my point of view did my retreat turn into a positive. At first, I was in my journey alone but after meditating while on my daily walks and the relaxation and joy I felt as I painted and created I started to open up to people. My retreat had turned around into the Positivity offensive. I changed my point of view and began to focus on seeing the beauty and light around which includes the scene in the photo. Most people would probably just pass by this as it’s just a marshy area with a beaver dam but to me it’s a place I love to go to and photograph as often as I can. It’s a simple place with an amazing beauty to me. So to me retreat is where I go to recharge which can be found all around me I just have to stop and look and really see what life has to give all of us; Positivity!

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