src=”” alt=”Leaf Kaleidescope.jpg” width=”2400″ height=”3000″ />

Magic as an adjective means something wonderful or exciting. To me creating and using my imagination is wonderful and exciting, simply magic. Even though I have been teaching art for almost 25 years, I continue to strive to create magic in both my classroom and my studio. This year I have three students who are interested in photography and I have the honor/privilege of helping them to expand their work through the creation of their Advance Placement Studio Art- 2-D Portfolio based in Photography. In trying to create a course that is acceptable at the college level this old dog is trying new things. The image above is one of those new tricks called Kaleidoscope. From one of my pictures of the beautiful  leaves of fall in New England, I cut out a small slice and then turned it into the magical image above. My initial goal was a simple one to learn a new technique to stay one project ahead of my students but it has turned into a new obsession. I am so excited to show this technique to my students that it is difficult for me to contain my enthusiasm. I can only hope that my excitement turns into beautiful magical projects from my students. Life is good!

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