Daily Prompt: Silence

IMG_2124.jpgvia Daily Prompt: Silence Sunrise silence in Maine

I was visiting my Dad in York Beach, Maine this summer when at his suggestion we went to watch the sunrise over the ocean near Nubble Light. Mind you to complete this task meant getting up at 5:15 am so that we could get a parking spot up at this very popular lighthouse. We arrived a half-hour before the actual sunrise at 5:45 and waited in silence. I was a little tired and definitely partially still asleep but my Dad is almost 84 so you do what he wants because these moments will not be around for that much longer so I savor them and jump at the opportunity. As we waited others arrived but as the sun began to creep up  over the rocks I took my place nearer to the water on the lower rocks and didn’t notice the building group. Only when I had finished my picture taking did I turn around to realize the amount of people who had joined. All were quiet so as to not disturb the unfolding scene. The waves were breaking over the rock and the sea birds were busy but even these sounds were soothing and did not detract from the silence. At about 6:15 we quietly got back into our car and drove away to get breakfast, there were still people coming but they had missed the big show. Now the tourist would come to take their pictures in front of the most photographed lighthouse on the east coast, maybe even the world, the silence will be broken. But for me, I will cherish this quiet time I shared with my Dad that morning, that time and space can never take away.

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