Daily Prompt: Recharge

Recharge.jpgvia Daily

Merriam Webster’s simple definition of recharge is: to refill (a battery) with electricity and to regain your energy and strength. For the past three years I have been on a journey to continually recharge my battery aka my soul through participation in some simple activities; reading, exercising, and my art. In the beginning these simple activities were not so simple as I was suffering from a deep depression that my friends and family tried to help me with but I didn’t believe I needed help so I turned them away. However, the more I followed my simple plan, the more I realized how low I had been. With the road to positivity started, I started to paint large happy images of a flower that has always made me smile, Sunflowers. These flowers are my happy place, they are my recharging station, they fill my soul with energy and strength.  Every year my husband plants a small patch of Sunflowers in our side yard. They bloom just as my school year begins again which is always tough and stressful to get back into the routine, to adjust to new students, to new schedules and to getting up in the dark to go to work. For me seeing this little patch of happiness every morning and afternoon makes me smile and brightens my day. I will always stop to take pictures of Sunflowers so I can hold onto my recharging station through the year especially when the New England snow and cold comes.




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